Mike Discusses LEED certification in Home Building

Mike discusses his work on the first LEED certified home in New England with television host Steve Thoms, former host of &ldquot;This Old House.&rdquot;

Mike was the builder within the team that built the very first LEED certified home in New England.

'We really had a great team,' Mike said. The 2,600-square-foot Avon Road house is a departure in size from other home he'd been building, in any town.

The LEED accreditation that they were seeking was new to everybody working on the project. LEED certification is based on a point system, and there are various levels of it, from certified, to silver, gold and platinum. Mike, owner Cynthia Curtis and architect Jan Gleysteen went for Platinum certification. There are only a handful of LEED homes in the state currently.

To obtain LEED certification, which uses a point system, there is a lot of documentation involved, Lane said. Some of the considerations include the insulation, types of windows, the way certain orifices are sealed up, types of light fixtures, even job waste disposal.

The Welleley house will has bamboo flooring, and for some of the bathrooms, paper countertops, which look a lot like slate. All the tile in the house is recycled, and the paint is low-VOC paint, which means minimal off-gassing. They used a special home slicker that goes on the outside of the plywood before the siding goes on. The garage has radiant heat that will migrate up throughout the living space. Nothing gets wasted.

For construction, they're using Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified lumber, which costs 20 percent more and comes from a local lumberyard.